Children and Teenagers

Osteopaths are interested in helping children develop in a balanced and healthy way in order to achieve their full potential.  Every individual is unique and osteopaths consider the whole child in their examination and treatment.

We are physically at our most active as children and teenagers.  The rapid growth process, hormonal changes and social challenges during these years can leave young bodies tired with immune systems regularly challenged.  Teenagers, and especially children, often have minor falls that can upset the physical balance of the body, and they may complain of various aches and pains including headaches.

Osteopaths take this seriously, and an assessment can often detect areas of tension or strain causing discomfort, which may be impacting normal growth and development in different ways.

Young people can also suffer from back pain, hip pain and knee pain, particularly if they are active in sport. Older children and teenagers often have poor posture, slouching in chairs for many hours or carrying heavy school bags.  Orthodontic work can be difficult and painful for children to adapt to. Osteopathy can help by identifying and alleviating some of the everyday stresses and strains that can affect health and well-being.

The treatment of children is very gentle with the cranial approach, and I have plenty of toys and books to help keep little ones occupied, but please bring anything with you that you think your would help your child to feel at ease. Young people under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during treatment.


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