Most of us these days lead very busy lives, often working extremely hard and not taking enough time for ourselves. Long hours every day spent behind a computer, often with a poor work station set-up, can lead to many of us developing musculo-skeletal problems over time. These may include stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders, low back, trapped nerves and pain in the arms and hands from using a mouse, and tension headaches.

More often that not, these problems may be down to poor work posture and lack of exercise. Osteopathy can help bring back mobility to your joints and muscles and help improve your posture and movement.

Many people lead a hectic lifestyle juggling both work and family commitments with very little ‘down time’.  No wonder so many of us struggle with generalised anxiety and stress. Gentle cranial work  can help us relax, breathe more freely and get back in touch with ourselves again, which in turn helps reduce tension in our bodies that leads to pain.

evolutionAs we grow older, many people develop osteoarthritis and stiffening of the joints with a resulting gradual loss of mobility and movement. Although it can’t reverse the degenerative process, gentle osteopathy on a regular basis can help you keep your joints more mobile and maintain your movement levels as you age. Keeping mobility as we age is vital in maintaining our general health and independence.



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